CSL Evaluation and Research

The evaluation and research carried out by the CSL Program have several goals. Through continued evaluation and research, we hope to continuously examine and improve our own practices, inform university and community partners about our new findings and knowledge, contribute to the body of scholarly knowledge about CSL and other community-engaged learning practices, and to provide opportunities for staff and graduate students to develop their research skills.

CSL's evaluation and research program has several component, including:
  • Surveys of all CSL participants administered at the end of each academic term
  • In-depth case studies of specific CSL courses or projects
  • A follow-up study of the long-term effects of CSL participation for students
  • Analysis of the writing forms and skills that students develop through CSL (research carried out in partnership with the Centre for Writers)
  • Conceptual explorations of CSL pedagogy and theory

Each year, the CSL Program compiles a comprehensive report on the findings we discover through our evaluative activities. Click on the link below to view our most current Evaluation Report. *(For past CSL Evaluation Reports, please visit our CSL Reports page).

2020-2021 Evaluation Report