Course Ethics

In instances where CSL placements engage students in direct research with human subjects, instructors are required to submit a course-based research ethics application through the online HERO system to REB 1. The ethics application should be submitted at least two months before the course begins to allow sufficient time for approval. For further information and a sample application, please consult the CSL Course Ethics Guideline Handout.

CSL courses do not typically require Research Ethics Board approval when students are engaging in informal observations and reflections on their CSL experiences for course assignments, participating in research that does not involve human participants, or helping community partner conduct a 'needs assessment' or evaluation that may involve observations, interviews, or surveys but is for the partner's internal purposes only.

However, when in doubt, please contact an an REB Coordinator (780-492-7550).

Non-research related ethical issues that might arise for students in CSL activities (such as confidentiality and safety) are addressed in the CSL Guidebook, through in-class instruction, and through the training and orientation sessions provided by community partners.