Instructor Accommodation Requirements - Fall 2021

Updated: August 30, 2021

Please review the information below for details of the instructor accommodation procedures for Fall 2021. Learn more about Exam Accommodations and Accommodation Processes and Delivery, including how to access technical and teaching support, and roles and responsibilities for remote, in-person, and blended accommodation contexts.

Review & Confirm Letters of Accommodation
  • For each course in which they are enrolled, students activate their accommodations and generate Letters of Accommodation for instructors that list the accommodations students require in their courses. Please be aware that students may activate their accommodations at any point during the term, at which time letters of accommodation will be generated for you.
  • Letters of accommodation list the academic accommodations that have been approved for students based on their objective medical documentation. Letters of accommodation are for your reference only. You will be notified by our office if you are required to take any actions to facilitate your students’ accommodations. 
  • To view Letters of Accommodations for your students,
    • go to the Instructor Services portal
    • select the Accommodation Letter tab. 
    • select the Accommodation Letter option for the course.
    • review and confirm receipt of each letter. 
Communicate about Accommodations
  • Students may contact you to discuss assignments and exams (including quizzes, tests, midterms, and finals). If students require accommodations for their exams and assignments, they may email you to discuss modifications that align with their accommodations. Depending on the functional impacts of students’ conditions in academic learning environments, some students may require specific accommodations in order to remove barriers to their participation.
  • Our office may contact you, as required, to coordinate approved accommodations (e.g., alternate formats, adaptive technologies, accommodation strategies and services) and determine accommodation solutions. 
  • Please note that, while coordinating accommodations to align with course environments and assessments is expected, instructors cannot change approved accommodations or approve new accommodations for students
  • If you have questions about how specific accommodations might work in your course or require assistance with your students’ accommodations, contact us at as soon as possible.
  • Additional information about accommodations is available on our general Exam Accommodation page.
Add, Review & Authorize Exam Bookings
  • Add your exams (including quizzes, tests, midterms, and finals) at the beginning of the term in the Instructor Services portal. This step pre-populates the ClockWork exam system with the correct information for your exams, which students can then select when they book their accommodated exams. 
    • To add your exams, choose a date from the Date Chooser and select Add this Exam. Follow the instructions for each of the next steps.
  • Students who require accommodations for any exams (including quizzes, tests, midterms, and finals) submit exam booking requests for each exam by the submission deadlines. For each exam booking request submitted by a student, instructors receive auto-generated exam booking notifications by email. 
  • Review, edit, and authorize students’ exam bookings for your course(s). To view these exam bookings,
    • go to the Instructor Services portal
    • select the Courses tab. 
    • select the Tests and Exams option for your course(s).
    • Select Confirm/edit. To authorize the exam booking, edit or confirm the exam details (e.g., date, time, time window, submission time, technology options, proctoring systems, permitted materials, exam contact information). PLEASE NOTE: Instructors need to complete only one exam authorization for each exam in each course section, regardless of the number of students writing accommodated exams in the course section.
  • If a scheduled exam(s) has been cancelled or exam details have changed, notify us right away at; include the course name/number (e.g., ENG 100) and section (e.g., B1) of the accommodated exam booking that needs to be cancelled or modified.
Upload Your Exam (if applicable)

IMPORTANT FILE UPLOAD NOTICE: Instructors need to upload exam files only if requested by our office.

  • If our office needs to convert an exam to an alternate format (e.g., audio files, electronic braille, e-text accessible formats, hardcopy formats), we will notify you by email.
  • If conversion to an alternate format is required, upload your exam in the Instructor Services portal a minimum of three full business days before the exam date to allow sufficient time for exam conversion. To successfully upload your exam, 
    • file names must not include ampersands ("&").
    • do not upload previously submitted exam files
    • only one file may be uploaded at a time. If your exam includes multiple file, “zip” all exam documents into one zip file and upload the zip file; or
  • repeat the exam upload process for each exam file.
If you have questions or require assistance with your file formatting or upload for conversion, please contact
Set Up Exam Times for Remote Exams
  • When students have booked accommodated exams and require additional exam time and/or exam break accommodations, our office will email you the total exam time (including the exam time multiplier and exam break rate, in minutes).
  • Review the additional exam time notifications emailed by our office.
  • For remote exams, enter the total exam duration in the online exam settings for your course(s). 
Notify your students of the exam details, including start time, log in details, remote proctoring, and exam contact information.

Contact if you need assistance with North/Main Campus and Campus Saint-Jean courses.

Contact if you need assistance with Augustana courses.