Academic Strategies Program

All students registered for accommodations are automatically approved for the Academic Strategies Program. his program provides individualized strategy instruction that assists students in understanding how they gain knowledge while helping them develop flexibility in their learning through guided coaching of cognitive and meta-cognitive strategies. Cognitive strategies are specific sets of steps to enable learning and comprehension of concepts. Meta-cognitive strategies are a master plan for all types of solution-seeking, based on individual learning strengths and needs. 

Who Benefits

  • Any student who experiences challenges with study skills, exam anxiety, test-taking skills, note-taking, information processing, memory, identifying main ideas and details, reading, and/or writing
  • Any student whose accessibility needs interfere with academic coursework
  • Any student who has difficulty self-regulating learning tasks such as time management, motivation, concentration, planning, goal setting, and/or task analysis

Core Resources

  • Students enrolled in the Academic Strategies Program are eligible to enroll in our non-credit Academic Strategies Program eClass course. A wealth of information and resources, tips and reminders, are shared through this platform.
  • Students are encouraged to explore ourworkshopofferings for group learning opportunities in the areas of learning, reading, communication, self-regulation, writing, and other academic challenges.
  • Students may book one-on-one appointments with specialists in academic learning, writing, and communication.