Academic Success Centre

Fresh Start Program

The Fresh Start Program is an 8-month, non-credit program that enables eligible undergraduate students who have been Required to Withdraw (RTW) from their Faculty of study to develop the skills needed to succeed at university, and complete a limited number of credit courses in the Open Studies Fresh Start Program in the Fall and Winter terms immediately following being Required to Withdraw.

The Fresh Start Program assists students in achieving two main goals:

  • establishing Satisfactory Academic Standing, and
  • regaining eligibility for admission or readmission to a University of Alberta Faculty.

Program Description

Students enrolled in the Fresh Start Program must:

  • attend an Intake Session during the Spring/Summer at which a Fresh Start Advisor will review information about Fresh Start Program policies, procedures, requirements, and application forms.
  • successfully complete an online non-credit course entitled “Cognitive Strategies” in the Fall and Winter terms (a fee of $500 is assessed for this course).
  • attend monthly seminars scheduled in the Fall and Winter terms.
  • take a reduced course load of between *18 and *24 in a single academic year consisting of the Fall/Winter terms.

Supplementary instruction or other assistance such as math help, writing instruction, time management, study skills, etc., may be required as assessed by the Faculty from which the student received the RTW, the Fresh Start Program, and/or other Academic Success Centre staff.

Complete program details are included in the Fresh Start Program Guidelines and reviewed in the Academic Strategies course. For more information, review Fresh Start General Admission and Open Studies Fresh Start Program in the University of Alberta Calendar.