Strategies for Academic Success Online Course


Strategies for Academic Success is a non-credit, asynchronous, online course designed to help undergraduate students develop strong, university-level academic skills and maximize students’ academic success. Housed in the University of Alberta eClass learning management system, the course is available to students on any University of Alberta campus, in any program of study, and at any level of achievement. 

The course opens September 1, 2022. Students may register at any time.

Course fee: $75.


The self-directed course is scheduled to be completed over a 12-week period. However, as an asynchronous course, students review and complete course materials at their pace, and may choose to complete course modules faster or slower than this recommended schedule.

Course Topics
  • Being a strategic learner
  • Managing academic demands
  • Motivation & self-control
  • Time management & planning
  • Beliefs about learning
  • Academic skills
  • Note-taking
  • Exam management
  • Studying & reading strategies
  • Career connections

Each course module includes a graded, ‘open book’ quiz, with multiple quiz attempts available for each quiz. Each course module also includes optional activities that assist students in applying module skills and concepts to their own credit course work.

Students who are required to complete the course by their Faculty

  • must complete the course by the deadline set by their Faculty.
  • must achieve 70% or better on all quizzes to pass the course.
  • may request confirmation of course completion once they complete the course. Please note that requests for confirmation of course completion must be submitted at least seven days in advance of the date by when the confirmation is required.
To register for Strategies for Academic Success, email with the subject line “Strategies for Academic Success.”