Requests for Letters of Support

We strongly encourage students to discuss extensions, deferrals, and withdrawals with their Professors/Faculty before requesting documentation from CCS. Often a letter from us is not needed.

Also note at this time we cannot provide letters approving Emotional Support Animals.

In some circumstances it is possible to get documentation to support the deferral of an exam/assignment, or a withdrawal, due to mental health or an event/situation impacting your mental health. Students must meet the following criteria: 

  • You are a current client of CCS, or were a client at the time of the event
  • You require documentation for exams or assignments worth 20% or more of the final mark.  
  • The psychiatrist/psychologist is familiar with your situation, the reason for the letter of support, and has had adequate time with you to assess how it impacted your ability to perform academically.

If you meet all the criteria and require a letter of support, please make an appointment with your psychologist or psychiatrist and advise reception that this is the purpose of your visit. Please note that meeting all of the above criteria does not guarantee that a letter of support will be provided. Letters are provided at the discretion of the treatment provider.

If you are seeking documentation and you do not meet the above criteria, or you are concerned with meeting deadlines, you may wish to consider completing a Statutory Declaration. These are available through the Office of the Registrar.