Counselling & Clinical Services

Student Internships & Practica

Counselling & Clinical Services (CCS) has a strong commitment to training and supervising counselling psychology students through internship and practica placements, as well as individuals who have completed graduate programs and are seeking their hours of supervised practice required to become a Registered Psychologist. 

Interns provide therapy (i.e., individual, couple, and group), crisis intervention services, outreach activities, and consultation with other CCS clinicians and university faculty. The interns will work closely with other staff in a collaborative team environment using a brief therapy model. We offer a range of potential supervision experiences: direct individual supervision, case consultation, observation of sessions via one-way mirror and/or video, co-therapy, as well as opportunities to co-facilitate groups.We typically offer between 2 and 5 full-time paid internship positions each academic year, which start August 1 and end July 30. Our program is designed to meet standards for registration as laid out by The College of Alberta Psychologists.

Pre-Doctoral Internship Program

Applicants are advised to download and familiarize themselves with the Pre-Doctoral Internship Program Manual. To apply for a pre-doctoral internship, submit the following by December 15th:

  • a curriculum vitae,
  • official graduate transcripts,
  • three letters of recommendation, 
  • letter from program Training Director or Coodinator verifying readiness for internship,
  • and a cover letter outlining how an internship at Counselling & Clinical Services fits with your professional goals, training needs, and professional and personal interests.

Provisional Psychologist Internship Program

To apply for the provisional internship, submit the following by April 1st:

  • A cover letter outlining your interest,
  • a curriculum vitae,
  • three letters of reference,
  • and confirmation that you are a Provisional Psychologist, or will be by August 1st of the year the internship begins.

Each year the number of interns we accept is determined by a number of variables: the number of students who apply, the number of supervisors available, office space, and funding. Availability of practica varies from year to year.

Master's Practicum Positions

CCS welcomes applications from Master’s practicum students looking for counselling experience to meet the requirements of their academic program. Typically, students are required to work one to two days per week. Students are supervised primarily by Registered Psychologists and receive supplementary supervision from pre-doctoral interns. If you are interested in a practicum placement at CCS, please email Dr. Erica Dunn at