Workshops about Mental Health

Our workshops are casual seminars that give you a chance to learn about a mental health topic while interacting with a mental health professional and your peers. Workshops focus on common psychological concerns like depression and anxiety. Our workshops will help you to understand a particular mental health issue and teach you practical strategies to deal with it. Please note that attending an Initial Consultation is not required to access our Workshops. 

Workshops will resume in Fall 2022; please check back in August for details.

Mood Management

Understanding Depression & Addressing Unhelpful Thinking Patterns

Understand depression and how your thinking can contribute to low mood. Identify unhelpful thinking patterns and learn adaptive, realistic strategies designed to help replace problematic thoughts through practical activities and discussion.


Improving Wellness & Enhancing Functioning

Cultivating Self-Compassion

Have you ever thought of treating yourself as well as you treat others? Learn to build a better relationship with yourself, practice self-kindness, and face life's challenges through compassion.

Managing Stress

Do you feel overworked and overwhelmed? Find out how stress may be impacting your health, and learn strategies to feel better and function more effectively.


Setting Boundaries & Communicating Assertively

We all have our limits, but we don’t always recognize or communicate them effectively. Learn about the purpose of boundaries and how to express them assertively.

Get It Done - Adaptive Skills for Managing ADHD and Related Issues: Part I - Managing Attention and Improving Focus

Keeping focused and managing time effectively may be a universal issue but it is especially challenging for individuals with ADHD. In this workshop, participants will learn ways to manage their attention, improve focus, and prioritize their obligations in order to GET IT DONE!

Note: Participants can attend one or both parts, with both encouraged.   

Get It Done - Adaptive Skills for Managing ADHD and Related Issues: Part II - Action & Organization

Organization is often overlooked but a key component to being productive and completing tasks. This session will focus on strategies that help with taking action, such as improving your environment for focus, addressing organizational challenges, and overcoming avoidance in order to GET IT DONE! 

Note: Participants can attend one or both parts, with both encouraged.   

Imposter Syndrome

This workshop explores a common tendency to feel like an impostor or a fraud in academia (and other achievement-centred contexts). Participants will learn about the factors underlying these beliefs, have an opportunity to share experiences and ask questions, and learn ways to challenge these beliefs and feel more comfortable with roles, achievements, accolades, and outcomes in academic pursuits.

Managing Perfectionism

Learn about the etiology, types, and contributing factors of perfectionism, and begin to apply strategies that can help overcome the costly aspects of perfectionism.

Anxiety Management

Addressing Anxious Thoughts

Find yourself dwelling on "what-ifs"? Worrying about the worst-case scenario? How we talk to ourselves has a big impact on how anxious we feel. Learn how to address the mind's responses to anxiety by identifying and challenging anxious thinking.


Learning to Relax

This workshop introduces participants to some helpful breathing and relaxation techniques to address the body’s responses to anxiety.


Yoga for Peace of Mind

This ONLINE weekly mindfulness yoga drop-in class is designed for students to develop or complement existing wellness strategies. Being informed by the ancient wisdom of yoga and modern science, this class utilizes meditation, movement and breathwork to cultivate mindful awareness through stilling the mind and training attention. To overcome common barriers to a helpful meditation experience participants will be introduced to skills that prepare them for this aspect of the class. Time will be offered following the class for practitioners to ask questions and discuss their experience. 

Facilitator: Dr. Steve Knish, Yoga Instructor RYT-200, Psychologist, CCS


  • Mondays – Weekly: 11:00 AM. – 12:00 PM
  • Thursdays – Weekly: 3:00 – 4:00 PM
To participate in these classes, please complete this waiver. The information required to attend the sessions will then be emailed to you prior to the next scheduled class. 

Classes continue to run through the spring and summer terms. Classes are not offered on Statutory Holidays.

Once you have completed a class, we invite you to fill out this feedback form to help us continually improve this program.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a trendy term these days, but what is it actually? Learn about the theory and practice of mindfulness and get concrete strategies to incorporate it into daily life.

Workshops for Faculty & Staff

Helping, Identifying, & Referring Students in Distress

Do you think a student might be struggling? Not sure what to say or do? This workshop will help you learn about common indicators of distress and what you can do to help

Learn about other training opportunities that focus on mental health through Wellness Supports.


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