Student Groups

The University recognizes that participation in the activities of student groups is a beneficial aspect of the student experience. The University encourages the formation of different student groups that support a sense of community and the learning environment. Groups may be formed around:

  • a shared program of study,
  • a commitment to service, or
  • a common activity, philosophy, or background.

Student groups that are granted University Recognition are supported by the Office of the Dean of Students and Student Group Services (SGS). SGS is a collaborative service provided by the Students' Union (SU) with support from the University and the Graduate Students' Association (GSA). SGS oversees a unified application process for groups seeking University, SU, and/or GSA recognition and provides guidance and resources to all student groups.

Student groups recognized as Club Sports are managed by Campus and Community Recreation.

  • Student Group Events

    Student Groups host a variety of events on and off campus, which you can explore through BearsDen or the Corq mobile app.

    If you are a group looking to organize an event, please refer to the Event Planning page for general event information, or the Alcohol, Travel, or Physical Activity pages for more detailed information to assist in your event submission.

  • Student Group Recognition

    University recognition of student groups signifies a relationship in which both a student group and the University have responsibilities and benefits. When considering a group's application for University recognition, the University takes into account the group's stated purposes, goals, activities, membership criteria, and other attributes.

    Student groups seeking University recognition must apply annually through BearsDen. Applications are assessed by Student Group Services.