Student Groups

Updated: July 7, 2021

We will begin to approve off-campus, outdoor, in-person activities for up to 20 people scheduled after July 6, 2021. Student groups that are recognized by the University are subject to the Student Groups Procedure, which outlines a group’s responsibility to follow University policies and procedures, including submitting all events for review and approval by the Office of the Dean of Students.

As the current COVID-19 situation can change quickly, there is always a possibility that events that are approved at this time may not be able to proceed if public health measures change. We encourage student groups to explore possible backup plans or (where appropriate) inquire about cancellation insurance through a licensed insurance broker in Alberta.

Please review the “In-person Events Guidance for Student Groups” document prior to hosting your event to ensure your student group is aware of current event requirements. Continue to check BearsDen for the most up-to-date information.

The University of Alberta recognizes over 450 unique student groups. The range of groups on campus includes religious and cultural groups, athletic and recreational groups, fraternities and sororities, academic groups centred around faculties and departments, as well clubs based on a variety of shared interests. All recognized student groups can be found on BearsDen

Participation in the activities of student groups is a beneficial aspect of the student experience. The University encourages the formation of different student groups that build community and enhance the learning environment. 

Student groups that are granted University Recognition are supported by the Office of the Dean of Students and Student Group Services (SGS). SGS is a collaborative service provided by the Students' Union (SU) with support from the University and the Graduate Students' Association (GSA). SGS oversees a unified application process for groups seeking University and either SU or GSA recognition and provides guidance and resources to all student groups.

Student groups recognized as Club Sports are managed by Campus & Community Recreation.

Student Group Recognition 

Student groups can be recognized by the University of Alberta and either the Students’ Union or the Graduate Students’ Association. Groups granted University recognition must be in compliance with the Student Groups Procedure. Recognition by the Students’ Union orGraduate Students’ Association is dependent on compliance with SU and GSA policies, including having a majority of either undergraduate or graduate members. 

More information on student group registration can be found on the Student Group Registration webpage. 

Student Group Events

A listing of all student group events can be found on BearsDen or the Corq mobile app

If you are a student group looking to organize an event, please refer to the Event Planning page and Event Organizer Training for more information on event planning and risk management.