Find a Research Opportunity

At the University of Alberta, there are a wide range of opportunities for students to engage in research and creative activities. However, most opportunities are not formally advertised, and not all faculty/department web pages present information about research in the same way. On this page, URI has curated information about research opportunities from each faculty/department to help you find information relevant to your interests.   Although the availability and organization of this information varies by department, you will typically find one or more of the following types of information: 

  • Information specifically targeted to undergraduate researchers (e.g. undergraduate research programs, courses, position postings, or funding opportunities available within that faculty/department).  Not all departments provide this information. 
  • Information about research themes in the faculty/department. This can often help you identify which professors are working in your area of interest.  
  • A directory of faculty/staff profiles for the department.  Most professors have a profile in the university directory, which provides information about their research interests, as well as information about how to contact them. 

 Keep in mind that although the information on this page is organized by faculty/department, you do not need to restrict yourself to your home department! Students are welcome and encouraged to explore research opportunities in any area of their interest. URI offers funding for interdisciplinary undergraduate research through the URI Stipend program. 

Once you have identified a potential opportunity or supervisor in your area of interest, you can reach out by email to express interest in an undergraduate research opportunity. The following resources may help you with the process of reaching out to a potential supervisor: 

Research Opportunity Directory


Augustana Campus

Campus Saint Jean

Faculty of Native Studies

College of Social Sciences & Humanities 

College of Natural & Applied Sciences

College of Health Sciences