Mentors and Instructors

Are you a potential mentor or instructor looking for ways to support undergraduate research? The URI offers a variety of resources to help facilitate undergraduate research opportunities and to ensure that the experience is successful and rewarding for students and mentors alike.

Being a mentor

For mentors, undergraduate research can enhance research productivity, help you develop mentoring and teaching skills, and provide a unique opportunity to meaningfully engage students in the work that matters most to you.

For early-career researchers (e.g. graduate students and postdoctoral fellows) in particular, mentoring undergraduate students can help you develop many of the skills necessary for both academic and non-academic employment.

If you are new to mentoring undergraduate students in research, or are just looking for some guidance in developing your mentoring skills, the URI can help set you on the right path.

Finding a student

If you have a project in mind and have decided to take on an undergraduate student, the following are great places to look for a student:

Undergraduate Research Portal

The URI hosts a centralized Undergraduate Research Portal in Moodle/Eclass, where you can post research opportunities (paid or unpaid, academic or co-curricular) for students. U of A undergraduate students from all disciplines can search this inventory, and interested students will contact you directly.

The service is free to use, available 24/7, and is accessible to anyone with a valid U of A CCID.

Visit the Portal

Other ways to connect with students

  • Attend events and participate in informal networking opportunities organized by student groups (e.g. "meet the prof" nights, panel discussions). You can also connect or volunteer at the Festival of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities, or other research-related events.
  • Circulate the opportunity within your department or faculty (e.g. via your undergraduate advisors).
  • Make an announcement in your class or ask colleagues to announce the opportunity in their classes.
  • Share on social media by posting an opportunity on your own website or social media page. You can also reach out to us and share the opportunity on URI's Facebook page or on Twitter @URIUofA).
  • Talk to students you've worked with in the past and tap into their networks.