Apply for Funding for Undergraduate Research

Once you have found a research project and supervisor, the next step you will often need to consider is applying for funding. You may need funding so that you can be paid a stipend or salary for your time, or to help cover the expenses related to your project. 

In some cases, your supervisor may have funding available to support you and your project. Even so, you may be encouraged to apply to other sources of funding. The added benefits of applying for funding include gaining writing experience in crafting research proposals, and, if successful, a great addition to your CV.

Funding resources

Seeking funding can be made easy with our help! Receive answers, advice, and practical tips to guide you throughout your funding application process. Request an advising appointment.

URI-administered funding programs

The Alberta Innovates Summer Research Studentship program provides funding to support students engaging in medical and health sciences research during the summer months (May-August). As of January 2016, the Undergraduate Research Initiative administers the Summer Studentship program at the University of Alberta. 
The URI Undergraduate Researcher Stipend provides $6000 for undergraduate students to engage in a mentored, interdisciplinary research project over 4-12 months. Open to undergraduate students in any year and any discipline. 
The URI has a partnership with the Office of Sustainability and Facilities & Operations to offer targeted Stipends for research relating to campus sustainability. Students may apply for Campus as a Living Lab funding through the URI Stipend.  
The Undergraduate Research Support Fund provides one-time reimbursement of up to $500 to help offset direct costs of undergraduate research and related activities. Faculty, staff and students are all eligible to apply to the URI Support Fund. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, though we ask those interested to apply at least 4 weeks prior to incurring your expenses. 

Other funding programs

The listings below include internal and external funding programs that support co-curricular undergraduate research activities. This list is not comprehensive. Chances are, your supervisor will also have some ideas about what funding programs you may be eligible for. Ask your supervisor for their suggestions about what programs to consider, and where else to look for funding in your research area. 

Deadlines are set by the granting agencies and may change from year to year. In addition, some faculties/departments set their own internal deadlines, which are earlier than those provided by the granting agencies. This list is therefore intended only as a guide; applicants should confirm the deadlines with their faculty/department and the appropriate funding agency before applying.

Other undergraduate research funding opportunities

Explore other funding opportunities for professional development