Department of Medicine

Division of Rheumatology

Goals of the Division of Rheumatology

It is appropriate that the Division itself have goals, and that each member of the Division have goals. Some of these latter will of course be personal, but they have to consistent with the Divisional Goals.

Goals for Divisional Members

  1. To support the collegiate nature of our division.
  2. To engage effectively in the academic activity of their choice to a level of international acceptability, as well as to provide support and encouragement for the academic activities of the other members, including those of the clinical part time associates.
  3. To help to maintain the teaching, research and clinical commitments of the division, including those of public education at a high level.
  4. To be aware of the Divisional Strategic Plan and to provide consistent input to that.

Overall Divisional Goals

  1. To provide exemplary care for patients with rheumatic diseases.
  2. To advocate effectively for our profession and our patients.
  3. To act collegially within the Faculty and Department of Medicine in the promotion of our common academic goals.
  4. To pursue the investigation of the causes and treatments of rheumatic diseases.
  5. To widely educate our patients, students and colleagues on the nature of rheumatic diseases.