How to Apply and Admission Requirements

1-step application process:

Apply online to the U of A by March 1, meet the academic requirements and you are in!

Remember to list all of the grade 12 and grade 11 classes you are taking along with all final grades. The Registrar's Office and/or the Faculty of Arts will use these grades to calculate your early admission average.

  • No audition or portfolio required

 High School Admission Requirements:

All requirements are listed as Alberta courses:

 You need five (5), 30-level (grade 12) classes (5 credits)

  • Of these five classes, no mark can be below 50%
  • You must have English Language Arts 30-1
  • You must have four (4) other classes from Groups A, B or C.
    • Such as: Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 30, Science 30, Mathematics 31, Mathematics 30-1 or 30-2, Computing Science ADV (CTS - 5 credits), Social Studies 30-1, 30-level language other than English, additional 30-level language other than English, one (1) Fine Arts subject.

 Example of classes used for admission:


English 30-1 *req'd


Drama 30 or Performing Arts 35 or Technical Theatre 35 or Art 30


Biology 30


Social 30


French 30

 AP course work: Visit the Admissions Information page for more information at

Transfer Admission Requirements:

You must meet the academic entrance requirements listed above for high school students and present an Admission Grade Point Average (AGPA) of 2.3 out of 4.0. Applicants who lack the minimum average of five required high school courses will not be considered until they have successfully completed 24 credits transferable to the BA program. Transfer credit may be granted for coursework completed at a recognized postsecondary institution and a minimum final grade of C- must be presented.

International Admission Requirements:

Information is available online through the UofA's International site: