Movement, Dance and Clowning


The Department of Drama has world-class movement and dance specialists: Lin Snelling (dance/movement) and Michael Kennard of Mump & Smoot (movement/clowning).

Key contacts:

Lin Snelling

Research is the honing of musical, experiential, intuitive, technical, energetic and anatomical intelligence the body offers through dancing. By listening to the practical and paradoxical intelligence of the body, the dancer becomes scholar as the body's intelligence and intuition is a vibrant and sensual library. Making dance, dancing and discussing dance creates an open field for cross-pollination in art.

Primary Teaching Areas: BFA Movement for Actors. Coordinator of MFA in Theatre Practice. Graduate and Doctoral Supervision


Michael KennardMichael KENNARD

Uses the clown techniques to explore performer impulse, truth and vulnerability in relationship to the audience. Creates imaginative worlds without literal boundaries.

Primary Teaching Areas: Performer-Created Theatre, Movement and Physical Theatre, Collective Creation, Clown. Graduate Supervision.



Jean O'HaraDr. Jean O'HARA

A theatre director with research and practice areas in multicultural theatre, devised theatre, social justice theatre, gender performance, Two-Spirit/Indigenous theatre and queer theatre/performance.

Primary Teaching Areas: directing, acting, performer creator theatre, physical theatre, performance studies, critical theory of the intersection of race, gender, sexuality, (dis)abilities, and class in performance and theatre literature.