Our Valued Supporters


Heartfelt thanks to the individuals, foundations and organizations listed below for recognizing the importance of the arts and directly investing in the Department of Drama's innovation and leadership in theatre training and performance. This list includes those who donated to various Drama funds from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018.

(Apologies for inadvertent omissions or errors. Contact 780.492.2495 for corrections.)

Baha & Sharon Abu-Laban
Jane Alton

Vera Apletree

Diana Bacon
Annalisa & Doug Baer
Barbara Baer Pillay

Helen Baggaley
Carole & William Barton

Lindsay D. Bell

Kathleen & William Betteridge
Bonnie & Richard Bowes

Joseph Piccolo & Julie Brown

Jean-Pierre Fournier & Sharon Busby

Adolf & Kathleen Buse

Nancy Cheng
Brent Christopherson
Lesley Cormack

Kevin & Lorna Crockett
Karen & Richard Davies

Brian Deedrick

Brent Webster & Jacquie Eales

Jim & Joan Eliuk

Stuart C. Fink

Anna & Mike Giles

Arnold Grandt

Gene & Michele Gregoret

Matthew J. Gusul
Kelly Handerek

Christopher Head

Stephen Heatley

Steven Hilton
Brenda & John Inglis
Pavel & Sylva Jelen

Margaret Keene

Jane King

Don Mackenzie

Isobel Mailloux

Amin Malak
Lawrence & Nicole Mallet
John & Peggy Marko
Heleen & Rod McLeod

Andrew & Anna Mioduchowski
Adam & Keri Mitchell
June & Rod Morgan
Elaine & Peter Mueller
Ruth Nishioka
Audrey O'Brien
Esther & Jack Ondrack

Martha Pankratz

Joan & Kenneth Roy

Terrance Rowswell O'Connor Award Fund at the Edmonton Community Foundation

Alan & Ramona Sather
Linda Seale

Jan Selman
Albin J.E. Shanley

Gloria M. Strathearn
Thomas Usher

Gilda L.F. Valli

Margaret Van Dyke

Henriette Van Hees
Sonia Varela

Doug Warren

Alan & Lorraine Welch
Kathy & Lorris Williams

Philiana K. Wong

Rozelle Young

Diane Zinyk
Various Anonymous Donors

Estate of Josephine Anne Bensted
I.A.T.S.E. Local 210 Health & Welfare Account


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