About Drama

Our Mission / Vision Statement


Encouraging Student Success

Small class sizes allow for maximum contact between students and professors and encourage collaboration between students.

  • 12-14 actors in the BFA Acting program in each year.
  • BFA in Drama (Production) with 3 routes: Design, Stage Management, Technical Production with a maximum of 18 spots in each year.
  • Highly competitive MFA programs with only 2 to 3 students in each area.
  • 6 spots in the MA program in each year.
  • BA Drama Studio courses are "capped" to ensure high quality student experience.

Interplay with other programs and the Professional Theatre Community:

A lively interplay between our 7 undergraduate programs and 6 graduate programs enriches the UAlberta student experience beyond the scope of any one program, offering a broad exposure to all aspects of theatre.

The departments engagement with local theatres offers many opportunities.

A Place for Professionals

The presence of professional faculty and guest artists creates a rich mix of teaching, research, and professional practice that students engage with: