BA Drama

Pursue Your Passion. Discover Your Niche.

There's a rush you get from live theatre and it's pulsing through your veins. Whether you're waiting in the wings for your entrance, calling cues on the head set or watching, perched on the edge of your seat - you feel a magnetic charge in the air. If you love creating theatre, the BA (Bachelor of Arts) Drama program is for you!

Throughout this four-year degree program you will combine theory and practice while engaging in the many aspects of the theatrical process. The flexibility of the BA program will allow you to build your own degree, and concentrate your theatre courses in the areas that most interest you.

Our BA Drama Program Is Unique

The BA Drama program here at UAlberta has a strong focus on performer-created theatre. That means we emphasize the creation of theatre, as well as the interpretation of theatre. It's the difference between performing a script that was written by someone else or performing a work that was born out of one's own creative process.

Within a well-rounded liberal arts setting you can:

  • Deepen your performance skills in acting, physical theatre, clowning and improvisation and collective creation
  • Explore playwriting, production and design
  • Take the helm as a director
  • Pursue your own independent project course in research and/or practice
  • Put community-based social action theatre to work for a real community project to make a difference
  • Go beyond the practical skills of performance and critically analyze the theory behind the power of theatre - how and why does live performance move audiences?
  • Learn how to create your own work and your own theatre companies, develop new plays, use theatre in community-based projects, and engage in critical research
  • Have the opportunity to pursue cultural exchange with a German university (LMU) and take course work at the Faculty of Arts campus in Cortona, Italy

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