Career Information

East Asian Studies can put you on a great track to a professional career!

Here's what some of our recent alumni have to say about how our programs helped them:

Maxwell Bates

Maxwell Bates (2022)

Law Student

Studying Chinese opened up a world of possibilities I had never considered before. It allowed me to explore my primary field of study at the University of Alberta in greater depth, and it has also opened up new paths, both academically and professionally, in my new field of study of law. More personally, it's given me the confidence to take on more challenging and rewarding opportunities that arise.
Dalvir Gill

Dalvir Gill (2018)

Having gone through the Japanese program, I've had several opportunities to work in an international environment. Starting with my work as a Youth Facilitator with Action for Healthy Communities and then extending to my participation with the JET Programme of Canada. As I aspire to become a translator, I can confidently say that the Japanese program at the University of Alberta has been integral in providing both experience, direction, and success in my academic and professional career.
Xiuyue Huang

Xiuyue Huang (2022)

Teacher, YouGood Education

Majoring in East Asian Studies, I've learned basic Korean which enables me to further self-learning. After several levels of study, I can even take Korean certificate exams. Currently, as a Chinese tutor, I found that the knowledge I learned in East Asian Studies courses really useful in teaching.


Andrew Quinteros

Andrew Quinteros (2022)

Junior High School Teacher in Japan

Learning Japanese has not only opened my eyes to different career opportunities outside of Canada, but it has given me a competitive international edge in the workplace that I will have for the rest of my career journey. Being able to study Japanese in the department of East Asian Studies has given me exciting career developments that are anything but ordinary. I learned more than the Japanese language in my courses; I learned new ways of thinking and found a passion for international cultural exchange that I will carry forward with me.
Jennifer Tamski

Jennifer Tomski 

Learning Chinese at the U of A has been a huge benefit for my career! I've worked in communications in China, Taiwan and in Edmonton, and I now own a digital marketing business focusing on helping Asian-owned businesses. My goal now is to get more involved in the Chinese community and I have already started by doing MC work at events, media appearances and volunteering for Chinatown initiatives!

Melody Xie

Melody Xie (2018)

Associate Administrator of IMA/IMB/PCI, Arts & Sciences

I've tried several different types of jobs after graduating from U of A and found that majoring in EASIA indeed develops the ability to think and communicate and helps me perform well in my career. Also majoring in EASIA gives me undefined possibilities to try different fields of jobs which I feel is important for me to better understand what is the suitable career path that I'd like to pursue. EASIA also teaches me how to work with people from similar or different backgrounds, I believe it's helpful for anyone whose job is mainly in a team setting. I'm really grateful and truly realized the glamour of EASIA after graduation and a few years of work.