I've never studied an East Asian language or culture. Can I take a class with you?
Yes! You are the perfect person for us! Start with any of our 101 classes. Language: CHINA 101, JAPAN 101, KOREA 101; Culture: EASIA 101
Do you offer Korean Studies courses?
Yes! We offer both language and culture classes. Please look in Bear Tracks to see what is available.

Do you teach non-language classes?
Yes! We offer a wide selection of literature, linguistics, pop culture, film and art history courses. Please check the calendar to see what is offered! Also, start with EASIA 101, to get a good overview of the field!

I took Chinese/ Japanese/ Korean in (high) school. Am I able to take language classes?
Yes! You will need to speak to a language coordinator and attend a language screening to see exactly which class will best suit your abilities. A few classes are designed to bridge you between high school level language courses and our 200-level (second year) language courses. Please see the following for further clarification, based on what you have studied in high school: CHINA 201 and EASIA 201; JAPAN 150.

What can I do with this degree?
A degree in East Asian Studies can act as a stepping stone to a diverse range of career paths. Below are a few examples:
  • Government jobs such as: Community Liaison Officer, Customs Officer, Immigration Officer, Intelligence Service, Lawyer, Urban Planner, Overseas Representative
  • Education: Exchange Student Program Coordinator, International Education Specialist, Public Health Educator, Educational Administrator, International Student Advisor
  • Justice System: Court Translator, Criminologist, Intellectual Properties Attorney, Judge, Criminal Investigator
  • Business and Industry: Cultural Resource Management, Hospitality Worker, Import Specialist, Multinational Marketing, Program Developer, Technical Translator
  • Community and Social Services: Cultural Center Coordinator, Museum Director, Public Interest Group Director, Volunteer Coordinator, Event Coordinator
  • Other: Foreign Publications Editor, International Visitors Consultant, Publications Director, Translator, Tour Guide, Librarian, Editor

I already speak ______ language. Can I still enroll in Chinese/ Japanese/ Korean language classes?
No, students cannot take language courses if they already speak the language in which they are trying to enroll. For example, if you already speak Chinese/ Japanese/ Korean, you cannot enroll in Chinese/ Japanese/ Korean, but can try a different language and broaden your skills for later employment! For example, if you already speak Chinese, why not try either Korean or Japanese language classes? Think of the business opportunities you will have speaking three languages!