East Asian Studies Careers

East Asian Studies majors are able to choose from a wide array of fascinating and lucrative career paths, both in Asia and in Canada. East Asian nations occupy positions of critical importance to the world economy, international relations, and cultural exchange. Therefore, employers understand the value of having employees with advanced language skills in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, as well as the cultural and historical knowledge necessary for effective engagement. Career fields open to majors in East Asian Studies include:

  • International Trade
  • International Finance
  • Diplomacy
  • Intelligence and Security
  • Translation
  • Cultural Management
  • Tourism

In addition, our department offers special career development opportunities for our majors only. These include roundtables with alumni in different fields, who can give advice on how to find jobs, as well as training sessions with career professionals to improve your resume and interview skills. We also recruit employers to give our majors paid internships that can give you the experience needed to be competitive on the job market. Check the menus on the left-hand side regularly, as career development opportunities for majors are added throughout the year.