Related East Asian Content Courses

This is the list of related East Asian content courses eligible for inclusion in an East Asian Studies major. Please note that while this list is regularly updated, there may be other courses that will satisfy the requirement, particularly "Topics" courses, which have variable content. If you have questions or wish to ask about specific courses, please contact the Undergraduate Director.
Please note that not every course on the list below is offered in a single term or year. For current course offerings, please consult Bear Tracks. Further information on all these courses can be found in Bear Tracks or the University of Alberta Calendar.

Please confirm course availability with departments prior to the beginning of term, as changes to courses can occur after the preparation of this guide.

ANTHR 287 Topics in Asian Anthropology
ANTHR 321 Religions of China in Practice
ANTHR 485 - Seminar in Social, Cultural and/or Linguistic Anthropology - Anthropology of Asian Food

Art History
HADVC 211 Special Topics - 20th Century Art in East Asia
HADVC 214 Art in China
HADVC 215 China Art Now
HADVC 315 Chinese Urban Art and Design Now
HADVC 412 Topics in Asian Art

ECON 211 Chinese Economic Development
ECON 410 Pacific Rim Economic Development

Film Studies
FS 369 - Asian Film
FS 412 - Topics in Film Studies - Chinese Modernity: Literature and Film

HIST 280 East Asia to 1500
HIST 281 East Asia from 1500
HIST 285 China and the West
HIST 287 The Chinese in Canada and Canadians in China
HIST 382 Japan Modern Era, 1868 - Present
HIST 383 The Civilization and Culture of Early China
HIST 384 History of Chinese Philosophy
HIST 385 Modern China
HIST 390 Imperial China from circa 600 to 1911
HIST 481 Topics in Chinese History
HIST 482 Topics in Modern East Asian History
HIST 483 Topics in the History of Chinese Thought

Political Science
POL S 375 Politics of East Asia
POL S 475 Politics of China and Japan

Religious Studies
RELIG 240 Introduction to Buddhism
RELIG 343 Zen/Ch'an Buddhism
RELIG 442 Advanced Studies in Buddhism