Department of Economics Publications

Members of the Department of Economics report many journal articles during the academic years, as well as books and multiple book chapters.

Publications 2017-2019

Dana Andersen, “Do credit constraints favor dirty production? Theory and Plant-level Evidence”, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 84(C):189-208, 2017.

Dana Andersen and Pinar Gunes, “The Role of Adolescent Health in Adult SES Outcomes”, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, 18(2):16, 2018.

Dana Andersen, “Accounting for Loss of Variety and Factor Reallocations in the Welfare Cost of Regulations”, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 88(C):69-94, 2018.

Dana Andersen and Ramon Lopez, “Do Tax Cuts Encourage Rent Seeking by Top Corporate Executives? Theory and Evidence”, Contemporary Economic Policy, 37(2):29-235, 2019.

David Brown and David Sappington, “Optimal Policies to Promote Efficient Distributed Generation of Electricity”, Journal of Regulatory Economics, 52(2):159-188, 2017.

David Brown and David Sappington, “Designing Compensation for Distributed Solar Generation: Is Net Metering Ever Optimal?”, The Energy Journal, 38(3):1-32, 2017.

David Brown, “The Effect of Subsidized Entry on Capacity Auctions and the Long-run Adequacy of Electricity Markets”, Energy Economics, 70(C):205-232, 2018.

David Brown and Andrew Eckert, “The Effect of Default Rates on Retail Competition and Pricing Decisions of Competitive Retailers: The Case of Alberta”, Energy Policy, 118(C):298-311, 2018.

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David Brown, “Capacity Market Design: Motivation and Challenges in Alberta’s Electricity Market”, SPP Briefing Papers, 2018, Vol 11 (12), 1-18.

David Brown and Andrew Eckert, “Analyzing the Impact of Electricity Market Structure Changes and Mergers: The Importance of Forward Commitments”, Review of Industrial Organization, 52(1):101-137, 2018.

Claudia Landeo, “Financially-constrained Lawyers:  An economic Theory of Legal Disputes”, Games and Economic Behavior, 109(C):625-647, 2018.

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Corinne Langinier and Philippe Marcoul, “Subjective Performance of Patent Examiners, Implicit Contracts, and Self-funded Patent Offices”, Managerial and Decision Economics, 40(3):251-266, 2019.

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