Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity and Decolonization (EDID)

Equity, diversity, inclusivity, and decolonization (EDID) have been at the heart of consultation and decision-making, and will continue to help shape the conversations around Faculty restructuring and its implementation.

Key areas of action and aspiration for Restructuring in Education:


We are committed to including equity, diversity, inclusivity, and decolonization measures and efforts in every discussion about Restructuring.

We will work to guarantee that all consultations are accessible (ASL or close-captioning) and that all posted information is screen-readable.


We will ensure that all Restructuring meetings are safe and welcoming to all Education members by offering the option of anonymous feedback.

We will seek out targeted conversations with members of equity-deserving groups and allies.


We commit to reviewing the leadership configuration and governance of a restructured Faculty of Education with substantive equity and diversity in mind.

We commit to offering the best services to support minority and equity-deserving members of our community.


We commit to exploring new and EDID-informed ways to measure the success of Restructuring following implementation.


We will continue to work together to create a welcoming culture by building community. This includes supporting and coordinating with EDI and Indigenous-focused groups and working on wise practices for robust mentorship structures. Our work to weave equity, diversity and inclusivity into the fabric of our culture aligns with the University of Alberta's Strategic Plan for EDI.