Steering Committee and Working Groups

The mandate of the Steering Committee is to:

  • Oversee all aspects of transition to new structure rather than debating other possible structures: identify and plan for change processes, including opportunities for discussion and feedback through various mechanisms, including Education Faculty Council (EFC); confirm communication processes; confirm timelines for key milestones / achievements; review and respond to working group recommendations; consider structural alignment with College offices. 
  • Prioritize (re)allocation of resources across the faculty to reflect the new vision and structure; 
  • Ensure changes that require EFC approval move through governance as needed and as appropriate (ie: changes to composition and terms of reference for standing committees; changes to FEC process and procedures). 
  • Support administrative coherence and consistency across the faculty; and 
  • Identify strategies for advancing a culture of respect, collaboration, and sense of belonging for faculty, staff and students in the new structure.


  • Dean Jennifer Tupper 
  • SSH Dean Joseph Doucet 
  • Dr. Hayley Morrison 
  • Dr. Dinesh Rathi 
  • Dr. Jorge Sousa
  • Dr. Tami Oliphant
  • Marsha Boyd
  • Lynn Anderson-Cook
  • Serena Svidal (student)
  • Sherry Bennett (student)
  • Farha Shariff (resource)
  • Paul Taylor (resource)

Working Groups 

Governance Working Group will make recommendations for changes in alignment with the new structure; seek efficiencies and effectiveness where possible.


  • Dr. Lynn McGarvey (Chair)
  • Dr. Lynette Shultz
  • Rachel Lindley-Maycock (resource)
  • Gail Johnson 
  • Dr. Michael McNally (will serve as link to Elections Committee)
  • Mikhel Bruneau (student)
  • Kate Peters (resource)

Faculty Hubs Working Group will in consultation with academic staff across the faculty, and in consideration of the importance of belonging and community, make recommendations for the creation of faculty groupings. 


  • Dr. Doug Gleddie (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Cheryl Poth (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Jessica Van Vliet
  • Dr. Makere Stewart-Harawira 
  • Dr. Lesly Wade-Woolley
  • Dr. Cathy Adams
  • Dr. Mike Carbonaro 
  • Dr. Larry Prochner
  • Dr. Josh Markle
  • Dr. Katie Brubacher

Leadership Working Group will make recommendations on aligning leadership positions and responsibilities with the new Faculty structure including ‘chair-like’ positions, associate chairs and program coordination. 


  • Dr. Maryanne Doherty (Chair)
  • Dr. Randolph Wimmer
  • Dr. Noella Steinhauer
  • Dr. Kathleen DeLong
  • Dr. Evelyn Steinhauer
  • Dr. Janice Huber
  • Dr. Danielle Allard
  • Vanessa Grabia 
  • Dr. Veronica Smith
  • Blythe Knapczyk (student)

Administrative Working Group will make recommendations on processes and procedures that align with the new Faculty structure. 


  • Yvonne Norton (Chair)
  • Vivien Liew
  • Izabela Martyniak 
  • Colleen Rizzoli
  • Laura Boisvert
  • Valerie Hunter  
  • Cris Ryder
  • Kerrie Johnston
  • Liz Grieve
  • Barbara Gutziet