Academic Appeals

This document outlines the appeals policy and procedures for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Education. Graduate students in the Faculty of Education should consult the Office of the Dean for information related to appeals policy and procedures.

Refer to the above-linked document for important details and the proper order of procedure, but please be aware of the important deadlines noted below for an appeal to the Associate Dean or delegate.

Informal Appeals Procedures

The process for informal grade appeal in the Faculty of Education is as follows:

The student must first meet with the course instructor or the Subject/Program Area Coordinator, if the instructor is unavailable.

If, after the student has made a reasonable effort to resolve the matter with the instructor, the matter cannot be resolved, the student shall then discuss their concerns with the appropriate Vice Dean. For students in the secondary program, please contact Dr. Jorge Sousa ( For students in the elementary program, please contact Dr. Jacqueline Leighton (

One of the Vice Deans will investigate the concern further and may meet with both the student and instructor to mediate the issue.

If the matter is not resolved, students may appeal to the Associate Dean, Undergraduate. Grade appeals, with supporting documentation must be submitted to the Associate Dean Undergraduate no later than the following deadlines:

  • February 15th for Fall term courses
  • June 15th for full-year and Winter term courses
  • July 15th for Spring term courses
  • September 15th for Summer term courses

Formal Appeals Procedure

In the event of an adverse decision, students may initiate a formal appeal after the student has exhausted potential remedies available through informal procedures, and if the student believes there has been an error or unfair treatment, a formal appeal may be initiated. Formal appeals are to be submitted to the Faculty of Education Academic Appeals Committee (FEAAC). A copy of the Faculty of Education Academic Appeals Undergraduate Policies and Procedures is available online.