Global Energy Systems Conference 2023

Help shape the future of energy systems!

In 2023, the University of Alberta Energy Systems Signature Area and Future Energy Systems will host the Global Energy Systems Conference.

We invite you to join the conversation, let us know if you're interested in getting involved. 

Why energy systems?

From enabling the basic necessities of life to supporting the modern conveniences and benefits of twenty-first century lifestyles, energy is vital to our world. Increasingly, there are many different ways to generate the energy we rely on, from hydropower to nuclear, to solar and wind. The future of energy is developing quickly, and as a society we are all eager to see how these changes affect our lives and our planet.

However, the majority of energy is still generated using the same hydrocarbon sources that powered the industrial revolution of the nineteenth century: oil, coal, and gas. As a central part of the current energy systems of the world, the importance and impact on both our global economics and our global environment are undeniable.

It is an unavoidable fact that climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and land disturbances, are impacting our world and our ecosystems in ways that we cannot sustain or tolerate. An energy transition to net-zero carbon emissions is necessary to change this trajectory, and it must be well-structured and supported by scientific fact, in all areas from environment to society. Our reliance on the oil and gas industry will not dissipate over night, and this fact must be part of our ongoing, realistic discussions of the transition.

Changing our trajectory is not simply a matter of changing energy sources. We must also address the systems that connect an energy source to our daily lives. In addition to fundamental and applied technical questions about different means of energy generation, we must study the uses, transportation, regulation, and environmental, economic, and societal impacts of energy.

Join leading experts from around the world in discussing what powers our world, the future of energy, and best ways to navigate our current energy transition. Our future energy system and the environment we need to protect must be a priority for communities and countries around the world. From hydrocarbon to renewables, environment to industry, infrastructure to societal implications, local power to global networks, all areas of the energy system are vital to ensuring a reliable, efficient, and just future for all peoples.


The University of Alberta, site of the 2023 Global Energy Systems Conference.

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