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Some of the world's leading minds are at work here - using the latest science, tools and technology to bring ideas to life. The results of our research are changing the world.

With ongoing research in numerous areas, undergraduate and graduate students are exposed to diverse and challenging programs within the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, part of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta. Ranked 46th in the world according to the 2009 Times Higher Education-HS World University Rankings. The Faculty offers 21 engineering programs, and is home to Canada's second-largest Engineering Co-op program, with more than 1,400 paid student placements each year. The Faculty of Engineering receives over $50 million annually from external sources for sponsored research, which includes the highest amount of NSERC funding per engineering faculty in Canada.

The Faculty of Engineering's mission is to:

  • produce engineering graduates of choice for employers and post graduate schools and to produce graduates who can be leaders in engineering design and research
  • produce nationally and internationally recognized engineering research
  • provide high-quality service to the engineering profession and the external community

The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and School of Mining & Petroleum Engineering are among the top departments in Canada. Groundbreaking research taking place at the Department level includes current issues like land reclamation of oil sands tailings ponds, biomechanical engineering, wastewater treatment and environmental engineering.

The Department and School:

  • house the largest river-ice research group in Canada
  • has the largest and oldest petroleum engineering program in the country
  • offer the only accredited petroleum engineering undergraduate degree
  • have students from more than 40 countries studying and conducting research