Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Students’ Association (CEEGSA)

Joining grad student clubs is like adding a splash of fun to your research routine. It's your built-in escape from the sea of papers and deadlines. Engaging in club activities lets you unwind, make friends, and strike that perfect work-life balance ensuring your grad journey isn't just about hitting the books but also creating awesome memories along the way.

Want to get more out of your grad school experience? CEEGSA, the Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Students’ Association, can help! We're a student-run organization dedicated to fostering a supportive community for all grad students in our department.

Join us for:
  • Social events and game nights to unwind and connect with peers
  • Workshops and guest speakers on professional development and career paths
  • Support groups and mentoring opportunities to navigate the challenges of grad school
CEEGSA also provides a dedicated graduate student space on the 6th floor of NREF (6-002) to relax and study.

Ready to find your balance and create lasting memories? Visit our website at or come to our next meeting!