Construction engineers are problem solvers who combine critical and analytical thinking, time management, people management, project management, estimating, planning & scheduling, project control and communication skills with their knowledge of construction and engineering methods to build facilities that are safe and on budget.

In this field, you may be involved as a planner or site engineer for municipal and energy projects, commercial buildings, housing developments systems, or road infrastructure.

The Hole School of Construction Engineering and the Constructions Innovation Centre (CIC)

The Hole School of Construction Engineering is supported by the Construction Innovation Centre (CIC) to bring construction engineering research and expertise together under one umbrella, to innovate processes, enhance construction efficiency and safety.

Hole School of Construction Engineering Construction Innovation Centre


  • Site manager
  • Safety inspector
  • Project management
  • Construction consultant
  • Site engineer
  • Residential and commercial property developer
  • General Contractor

Areas of specialization

  • Agent-based simulation
  • Automated processes and technologies
  • Construction related modelling
  • Project planning and execution
  • Lean Construction
  • Lean Design and Construction
  • Lean Construction 4.0 and Digital Twinning
  • Extended Reality and Artificial Intelligence
  • Empathic Construction (this is for Gaang)
  • Risk Analysis
  • Industrialization and decarbonization of Construction
  • Modular and Offsite Construction
  • Construction-related Startup Entrepreneurs
  • Project Planner / Scheduler
  • Cost Estimator / Controller
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Controls Manager
  • Construction Project Manager