Biomechanical engineering student tests the pressure load on a knee muscle

Biomechanical engineers apply all aspects of civil engineering including engineering principles and techniques into the medical field.

The U of A is at the forefront of medical breakthroughs that are coming directly from biomechanical engineers studying here. Students look at age-old challenges in new ways with a focus on articular cartilage, mechanics of joints, artificial joints, tissue engineering, biofluidics, imaging, human motion capture and computational methods.

Career opportunities

    • Medical device design
    • Clinical applications
    • Research specialists

Areas of Specialization

    • Reconstruction of the ulnar coronoid
    • Scoliosis and bracing
    • Maxillary expansion appliance
    • MRI signal distribution within the intervertebral disk
    • Home retrofitting for various levels of disabilities
    • Sizing the Hill Sachs Lesion