How to Apply

Instructions for successfully completing a graduate application

Please be sure you meet admission requirements prior to applying.

How to Apply:

1. Create a brand new application using the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Application

When filling out FGSR's application enter ALL post-secondary education taken, this includes any transfer credit courses from other institutions, do not leave out any education. The application will be incomplete if there is missing information in the education section.

All students applying are required to pay a non-refundable $135 CAD application fee. ECE does NOT use the Messaging tool in the portal, therefore you will not receive a response to any messages within that tool.

All inquiries should be sent directly to

Please follow the link to Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Application and step by step instructions

2. Supporting Documents

All documents are uploaded directly to FGSR's web application. When uploading your documents please ensure you are uploading exactly what is required. See supporting documents page.

All applications and supporting documents must be submitted by the document deadline dates. Students should be applying two to three months prior to the document deadlines in order for the application to be reviewed by the professors.

Please do not mail any hard-copies of documents to the department. Hard-copies of official documents are only sent to the Faculty of Graduate Studies if specifically requested by the Faculty. Do not refer to Bear Tracks at the application review stage, as the information there is not accurate. Always refer to the applicant portal.

3. Tracking Application Documents and Status

To track your application documents refer to the applicant portal login, click on the show details button.

References will show as reference submitted in the portal. If a reference is showing as email sent the reference has not yet been received into the portal. The department does not notify any applicants of missing documents, this is the responsibility of the applicant.

Missing or required documents can be uploaded via the applicant portal.

4. Final Decision

Once the file is complete the file will go out for review. The applicant will be notified by email when a decision has been reached.

IMPORTANT - Applicants who are admitted must refer to the applicant portal to retrieve their admission letter, and to accept or refuse the admission offer. If the offer is not accepted the offer is not finalized. The offer is only finalized once the accept offer button has been clicked.

If an application is refused the department will not accept requests to change the program or term for further review. If applicants are wishing to be reviewed for a different program or term after being refused, applicants would have to apply to the new term or different program.

If you have any questions with regard to the application process or problems with ECE's application please email

Please bookmark this link and refer to it frequently.

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