Degrees and Programs

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers the following graduate degree programs: Master of Science (MSc), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), and Master of Engineering (MEng).

A joint Master of Business/Master of Engineering (MBA/MEng) degree is also offered in co-operation with the School of Business. Inquiries and applications are made directly through the School of Business.

Graduate students work and study in one of our twelve research areas, but have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge through interdisciplinary projects. The MSc, MEng and MBA/MEng programs typically take two years to complete, depending on previous education and the research undertaken during grad studies. The length of the PhD program can vary greatly from candidate to candidate.

ECE also offers, jointly with the Department of Computer Science, the Master of Science in Internetworking (MINT) degree. Please refer to as all applications are made via the Department of Computer Science.