Master of Engineering (MEng)

The requirements to get into the MEng course-based program are the same as the requirements for the MSc thesis based program. All applicants applying must meet the academic requirements as well as the English language requirements.

Please read the following information taken directly from the University Calendar.

"The Master of Engineering is a course-based degree program that requires a minimum of ★24 (eight single-term graduate courses or equivalent), of which ★15 (five single-term courses or equivalent) should be in the candidate's major field of interest, plus a project that is equivalent to ★3. In some areas of specialization, an additional ★6 (two single-term courses or equivalent) more than the minimum are required. The Department will require more ★3 courses in cases where the undergraduate degree does not provide a superior background for the chosen area of specialization. There is no second language requirement other than English for the degree of MEng."

Length of Program

Candidates may complete the program in a minimum of nine months. The maximum time permitted for completion of a Master of Engineering program is four years from the date of first registration.

A selection of courses that have to be taken, and its final number varies from one research group to another. If admitted to the MEng program applicants would have to contact the department to determine which courses to take.

Refer to the University Calendar for more information about the graduate program.

The department also offers a joint MBA/MEng degree program with the School of Business. Any applications for the MBA/MEng program are made directly through the School of Business, so please contact their office directly if you are interested in the joint program. Learn more.