Software Engineering and Intelligent Systems

Software engineering researchers solve challenging problems by developing, operating, and maintaining the software systems that drive complex computer and electronic systems.

Current research:

  • Web Engineering (Software Engineering of web-based systems)
  • Software Verification and Validation
  • Security and Privacy
  • Software Requirements
  • Empirical Aspects of Software Engineering

Researchers in intelligent systems develop ways for systems to learn and adapt to changing circumstances without the intervention of an operator. Research in these fields encompass a large number of activities and can range from theoretical to large-scale practical applications.

Current research:

  • Computational Intelligence (fuzzy, neural, and evolutionary computing)
  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (classification, prediction, pattern recognition, clustering, association mining and decision support)
  • Semantic-based Systems and Web Intelligence
  • Intelligent systems applications in: software engineering; modeling and forecasting for energy and environment; bioinformatics with focus on protein structure/function prediction and modeling mobile computing

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