Energy Systems

Energy systems research is concerned with every step in the process of generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization of electrical energy. Our research in this area can include a wide variety of topics, ranging from the operation of a power semiconductor switch to the most complex power system spanning thousands of kilometers. ECE researchers who study energy systems address complex challenges across this broad spectrum, creating a versatile and exciting research environment that's responsive to industrial needs.

Current research:

  • distributed generation and microgrids
  • smart grids
  • renewable energy includes PV, wind and biogas systems
  • electric energy storage
  • electric and hybrid electric vehicles
  • power electronics topologies, control and PWM techniques
  • industrial variable speed drive systems
  • power electronics for high speed machines
  • power electronics for renewable energy interfaces
  • electrical machines
  • computational electromagnetism
  • power quality
  • power system signaling, monitoring and measurements
  • real-time simulation of large-scale power electric and power electronic systems
  • electromagnetic transient analysis
  • parallel and distributed computing technologies
  • industrial, commercial and utility system reliability
  • power system stability
  • power system operation and control
  • high voltage DC (HVDC) systems
  • modular multilevel converters