Explore cutting-edge communications research within electrical and computer engineering. In information and communication theory, wireless communications, and communication networks, our researchers are at the forefront of investigating the reliable and efficient transmission of diverse forms of information, including text, image, voice, audio, and video.

In ECE, our focus extends beyond the surface, developing mathematical models for networks, signalling methods, channels, and other critical systems. This endeavour fuels the design of communication protocols aimed at maximizing information transfer rates, minimizing bandwidth and power consumption costs, and elevating overall network reliability and security. Join us in unravelling the intricacies of communications research, where innovation and exploration converge to shape the future of information transmission.

Current research:

  • cognitive radio and software defined radio
  • cooperative communications
  • MIMO and multi-antenna communications
  • space-time coding and processing
  • ultra-wideband communications
  • OFDM and multi-carrier systems
  • fading channels
  • diversity techniques and equalization
  • cross-layer design and adaptation
  • resource allocation and interference management
  • mobility and localization techniques
  • wireless multiple access techniques (CDMA, TDMA, FDMA)
  • communication theory in sensor and ad-hoc networks
  • communication techniques for biological systems
  • fiber optical communications and free-space optical communications
  • graphical models in communications
  • information theory
  • iterative coding techniques, including turbo codes and LDPC codes
  • network coding
  • network information theory

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