Integrated Circuits and Systems

Explore the marvels of miniaturized electronic circuits constructed from semiconductors. Over the past half-century, the IC industry has witnessed exponential growth, seamlessly integrating into every facet of our daily lives. These compact wonders are everywhere in electronic devices like computers, microprocessors, cellular phones, sensors, and displays. Engaging in all stages of IC development, from modelling integrated active and passive devices to analyzing, designing, testing, and examining integrated circuits and systems, our researchers explore the realms of digital, analog, and mixed-signal integrated circuits.

Students contribute to advancements that transcend disciplines and impact the broader world. Whether you're passionate about the intricacies of circuit modelling or drawn to the challenges of designing cutting-edge technology, integrated circuits and systems research bridges theory and practice in the ever-evolving landscape of electronic innovation.

Current research:

  • high-speed or low-power digital integrated circuits and system
  • static/dynamic access memory (SRAM/DRAM) design and architecture, built-in semiconductor memory testing
  • high-frequency characteristics of nanodevices and Nanoscale MOSFETs
  • nanoelectronic circuits and systems, reliability and fault-tolerance of circuits
  • signal and image processing, parallel and distributed computing, FPGA and ASIC systems, biomedical image processing.
  • adio frequency CMOS integrated circuits: LNAs, mixers, VCOs, filters, power amplifiers
  • circuit theory
  • circuits for sensors such as biomedical sensors, CMOS active pixel sensors, high-dynamic range
  • high-speed and/or low-power design of analog-to-digital Converters (ADCs) or digital-to-analog converters (DACs)

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