Centre for Energy and Mineral Processing

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The Centre for Energy and Mineral Processing (CEMP) is a new industry funded and led research centre at the University of Alberta. The CEMP will:

  • Be a hub of activities and a funding program, supporting energy and mineral processing research at U of A in collaboration with industrial partners.
  • Promote U of A research expertise and capacity, foster the existing and new industrial partnerships, seek out, facilitate and fund projects aimed at solving complex research and development challenges associated with net-zero transition.
  • Serve as an interface for industry, researchers and stakeholders to access expertise in energy and related technologies, research and innovation.
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary research in broad technology areas related to energy, including: hydrogen; carbon capture and utilization; renewable energy; energy storage; energy efficiency; energy system enablers (machine learning and artificial intelligence, digitization, risk and safety, etc.); and mineral processing.
  • Facilitate and support projects of various technology readiness levels, from basic research to prototyping and field trials.

The CEMP will bring together companies interested in advanced research and technology in focused technology areas and university researchers working in these areas.

As Alberta and Canada are working to support a global transition to lower and net-zero energy alternatives, the CEMP will be working on advancing research supporting technological advancement supporting this transition. This work is building on previous research of the Canadian Centre for Clean Coal/Carbon and Mineral Processing Technologies (C5MPT).

Contact Us

For more information or to engage with the CEMP please visit cempab.ca or send us an email at cemp@ualberta.ca.