Community-University Partnership

Community Engagement Courses

The Faculty of Extension offers opportunities for community members, undergraduate and graduate students to gain an understanding of community engagement; how to apply the principles and practices of communication in managing your projects; and how to keep the projects that you manage on track.  For more information, to register or to apply for the any of these learning opportunities, please visit Community Engagement Studies or email

The Citation in Community Engagement program

The Community Engagement Citation program is ideal for those interested in learning about CBRE.  In particular, service providers, policymakers, students, and researchers, studying, working with, and working for children, youth, and families may find the series helpful. The workshops are designed to enhance participants’ understanding of CBRE and increase their capacity to engage in CBRE. Through the series, participants have opportunities to network with others seeking to build CBRE partnerships.

Community-Based Research and Evaluation (CBRE) Certificate Program

The Community-Based Research and Evaluation (CBRE) Certificate Program is designed to support University of Alberta graduate students’ efforts to develop their ability to participate in and lead community-based research and evaluation projects. Students may apply at any time after admission to a graduate program, but are advised to apply early to accommodate course selection.

This is an embedded certificate program. Students may pursue this certificate while fulfilling existing requirements for other graduate programs at the University of Alberta. Students may apply at any time after admission to a graduate program.

Master of Arts in Community Engagement (MACE)

MACE is an interdisciplinary, thesis-based Master of Arts degree program that offers you an opportunity to develop an understanding of the field of community engagement and the practices and processes that inform it.