Family Medicine


The educational goal of the Department of Family Medicine is to excel at providing modern, innovative family medicine education. With this goal in mind, the department is proud to provide a two-year family medicine residency program  offering  the following:

  • urban and rural (distributed) rotations as well as learning sites in diverse communities,
  • a clinical program supported by dedicated faculty and preceptors,
  • an academic program featuring evidence based medicine, practice quality improvement, procedural skills and exam preparation, and
  • valuable research opportunities for residents.

The training of residents emphasizes the development of skills, behaviours and attitudes required for effective, community-based clinical practice, where the practice is based on collaborative doctor-patient relationship and where the physician is a resource to the practice. 

The Triple-C Curriculum followed by the Department of Family Medicine is enhanced with an innovative competency-based assessment initiative, development opportunities offered in partnership with the faculty development program, and the availability of enhanced skills training in selected areas.      

This primary, two-year program leads to eligibility for certification by the College of Family Physicians of Canada.