Office of the General Counsel

NOTE: At this time, as a result of  COVID-19, there may be times when the Office of General Counsel cannot personally accept service of legal documents on behalf of The Governors of the University of Alberta.  As an alternative, personal service of legal documents may be effected at the Governance Office, located at 3-04 South Academic Building.  Where the University Governance Office is not available to accept service of legal documents on behalf of The Governors of the University of Alberta, please email Brad Hamdon, General Counsel, at, with a copy to the office's legal assistant, Kimberly Marchuk, at and we can make arrangements to accept service.


The Office of the General Counsel has the responsibility to manage the University of Alberta's legal affairs.

The office has various roles:

  • To identify and recommend procedures and practices to protect the university from undue liability, and to assist with risk assessment and control
  • To provide strategic legal advice as well as a full range of legal services directly to the university, its senior administration and the Board of Governors
  • To provide legal advice and services directly to faculties and administrative units when requested by deans or administrative heads of units
  • To retain, instruct and oversee external legal counsel on behalf of the university
  • To manage the costs of legal services in an effective and cost-efficient manner to maximize the value of the university's expenditures and to minimize the university's exposure to risk
  • To provide seminars and other educational initiatives on legal issues affecting the university

Mission, Vision and Values Statement


The Office of General Counsel supports the University’s mission and vision by providing high quality, practical, client-focused legal advice in a strategic, collaborative, and proactive manner.


The Office of General Counsel seeks to be a valued and trusted partner, recognized for its knowledge and awareness of legal issues in the post-secondary sector, and for providing effective and practical solutions to the legal issues facing the University of Alberta.


In providing legal services to the University of Alberta, the Office of General Counsel is guided by the following values:

Professional Excellence – to provide well-reasoned legal advice based on our unique knowledge of the legal issues facing the post-secondary sector;

Integrity – to act and promote honest and ethical behaviour, and to be supportive, inclusive, and respectful in all interactions with those both inside and outside the University community;

Responsive – to provide timely advice that permits effective and efficient decision-making by University administration; and

Solution-Oriented – to highlight risks and present options in a manner that allows for the practical and effective resolution of legal issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I deliver documents for service to the university?

Legal process should be delivered to:

Office of the General Counsel
3-03 South Academic Building (SAB)
Edmonton, AB T6G 2J7


Board of Governors
3-04 South Academic Building (SAB)
Edmonton, AB T6G 2J7

How do I have contracts or other legal documents signed on behalf of the university?

Please see the University of Alberta Policies and Procedures Online (UAPPOL) policy on Contract Review and Signing Authority.

I have a legal question about technology commercialization. Who do I contact?

The Office of the General Counsel does not administer legal matters arising from the commercialization of technology done through Technology Transfer Services. Please refer to the Technology Transfer Services website if you have legal questions related to such matters.