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The physical FGSR office and our drop box are currently closed. However, our staff are working remotely and continue to meet the academic mandate of the Faculty.

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Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR)

Killam Centre for Advanced Studies
2-29 Triffo Hall
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6G 2E1

Please note that, due to COVID-19, staff are working remotely.
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FGSR Associate Deans Appointment Bookings

Students wishing to book an appointment with an FGSR Associate Dean to discuss an academic issue should send a request by email to:

Graduate coordinators or other faculty members wishing to book an appointment with an FGSR Associate Dean to discuss an academic issue can either phone Associate Deans directly or preferably send an email request. (Contact information is located under the Dean's Office tab.)

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Staff and Service Directory 

  • Admission and Application Inquiries
    For inquiries related to Program Application Requirements, Deadlines, Documents Requirements, and all other Department or Program-based admission process. Contact your Department
    For general inquiries related to Canadian and International Admissions

    (780) 492-9456

    For inquiries related to Online Applications for Admissions including Technical Issues, Application Fees.
    For inquiries related to Student ID's (CCIDs). Contact Information Services and Technology (IST)


  • Fees
    For inquiries related to fee assessments please include your full name and UAlberta ID number in your e-mail inquiry.
  • Governance
    For the submission and formal approval of changes to the Calendar in the Graduate Programs section (205).
    For the development and formal approval of new graduate degree programs and/or specializations.
    For the development and formal approval of new international agreements (including Shared Credential agreements)
    For the development and formal approval of new graduate awards and scholarships.


  • Awards and Scholarships

    For inquiries related to awards and scholarships, please include your full name and UAlberta ID number in your e-mail inquiry.

    (780) 492-9460


  • Graduate Program Services

    For all inquiries related to Registration, Degree Requirements, Supervisor Updates, Records, Exams & Convocation, please contact the Graduate Student Services Advisor who is responsible for your program. The Advisors work in conjunction with the Primary and Secondary Associate Deans to ensure that all inquiries are handled efficiently and effectively. Their areas of responsibility are:

    Graduate Student Services Advisor

    Program Portfolios Primary Associate Dean Secondary Associate Dean

    Jane Toogood

    (780) 492-5658

    Programs: * Anthropology * Biochemistry * Business PhD * Chemical and Materials Engineering * Communication Sciences and Disorders * Digital Humanities * Educational Policy Studies * Educational Studies * English and Film Studies * Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation * Mathematical and Statistical Sciences * Medical Microbiology and Immunology * Medicine * Neuroscience * Occupational Therapy * Oncology * Psychiatry * Psychology * Rehabilitation Science * Religious Studies * Secondary Education *

    Dr. Tracy Raivio

    (780) 492-1163

    Dr. Ali Shiri

    (780) 492-8959

     * Library and Information Studies *  

    Dr. Tracy Raivio

    (780) 492-1163


    Dr. Janice Causgrove Dunn

    (780) 492-5920

    Ana Sharma

    (780) 492-5219

    Programs: * Art & Design * Biomedical Engineering * Cell Biology * Drama * East Asian Studies * Educational Psychology * Elementary Education * Faculty of Extension (MACE, MACT) * Faculté Saint-Jean * Health Sciences Education * Law * Mechanical Engineering * Modern Languages and Cultural Studies * Pharmacology * Physical Therapy * Physiology * Political Science * School of Public Health *

    Dr. Ali Shiri

    (780) 492-8959

    Dr. Tracy Raivio

    (780) 492-1163

    * Civil and Environmental Engineering *

    Dr. Victoria Ruétalo

    (780) 492-1805


    Dr. Janice Causgrove Dunn

    (780) 492-5920

    Samantha Hulberg

    (780) 492-0686

    Programs: * Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science * Biological Sciences * Business MBA * Chemistry * Computing Science * Human Ecology * Internetworking * Linguistics * Medical Sciences (Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine; Dentistry; Medical Genetics; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences; Pediatrics; Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging) * Philosophy * Renewable Resources * Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology * Women's and Gender Studies *

    Dr. Janice Causgrove Dunn

    (780) 492-5920

    Dr. Victoria Ruétalo

    (780) 492-1805

    Kris MacManus

    (780) 492-0682

    Programs: * Earth and Atmospheric Sciences * Economics * History and Classics * Electrical and Computer Engineering * Laboratory Medicine and Pathology * Music * Native Studies * Nursing * Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences * Physics * Sociology * Surgery *

    Dr. Victoria Ruétalo

    (780) 492-1805

    Dr. Janice Causgrove Dunn

    (780) 492-5920

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  • Dean and Associate Deans
    Dr. Brooke Milne Vice-Provost & Dean

    (780) 492-2888

    Dr. Bryan Hogeveen Vice-Dean

    (780) 492-0681

    Dr. Tracy Raivio
    Associate Dean (Awards & Scholarships)

    (780) 492-1163

    Dr. Victoria Ruétalo
    Associate Dean (Supervisor Training and Mentorship & Student Academic Affairs)

    (780) 492-1805

    Dr. Janice Causgrove Dunn
    Associate Dean (Graduate Student Wellness, Policy & Governance)

    (780) 492-5920

    Dr. Ali Shiri Associate Dean

    (780) 492-8959

    Sylvia Fong-Wong
     Senior Officer (Finance & IT)

    (780) 248-5741

    Medha Samarasinghe
     HR & Operations Coordinator

    (780) 492-2344

    Andrea Riewe Executive Coordinator

    (780) 492-2816

    Barb O'Neil Financial Administrator

    (780) 492-3194


  • Media and Communications
    Robert Desjardins Communications Coordinator

    (780) 248-5743

    Kevin Laxamana Digital and Social Media Associate

    (780) 492-7199

  • Professional Development and Community Volunteer Program

    Renee Polziehn

    Professional Development & Community Volunteer Program Director

    (780) 492-1675

    Deanna Davis Senior Lead and Educational Curriculum Developer, Graduate Teaching and Learning

    (780) 248-5742

    Andrea Spevak Graduate Student Internship Advisor

    (780) 492-1869

    Charity Slobod Community Volunteer Program Lead & Professional Development Coordinator

    (780) 492-0691

    Kevin Laxamana Digital and Social Media Associate

    (780) 492-7199

    Dinuka Gunaratne Career Education Coordinator

    (780) 492-9785