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Thank you for your interest in graduate education and welcome to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) at the University of Alberta!

Our 7,600+ talented graduate students — 34 percent of whom come from countries other than Canada — play a central role in all of the institute's wide-ranging research activities. They make a vital contribution to the educational experience of their fellow students and faculty, and to the success of the research itself.

Students choose to pursue graduate studies at UAlberta for many reasons, including the depth and range of our academic offerings, the diversity of the culture and ideas found here, and the top rankings of our graduate programs.

We invite you to join the graduate student community at UAlberta, where you can feed your curiosity, pursue research that tackles today's (and tomorrow's) most challenging issues, and break the boundaries of conventional wisdom.

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Researcher sees future of biofuels coming down the pipe

Engineering PhD student explores possibility of pipelines for moving raw materials of biofuel from farms to refineries.

Engineering PhD student Mahdi Vaezi is trying to find out how efficient it is to transport agricultural waste used in biofuels to biorefineries by pipeline. More.