International Institute for Qualitative Methodology

Master Class Webinar Series

In these free, one-hour sessions, researchers will present their latest work, discuss key issues with you online, and exchange ideas and experiences with you. The colloquium is for all disciplines interested in qualitative research and for experts and novices alike. Each month a different qualitative voice will share and engage in discourse with attendees from all around the world. 

The 2017 Master Class Webinar Series is brought to you in part by the University of Georgia’s Program of Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies

Upcoming Webinars


Celine-Marie Pascale - Qualitative Textual Analysis of Interviews & Media
November 16, 2017
2.00pm MST

Social life gains meaning, importance, and relevance through systems of signification.  While there are a variety of analytical styles available for conducting textual analyses, all of these practices are united by an effort to understand texts (whether interviews, natural conversation, or media) not as factual statements but as processes through which knowledge comes to appear objective and meaningful. This webinar is designed for social scientists who are interested in gaining techniques for moving between broad cultural analyses of language and discourse which emphasize social constraints and localized practices of text and talk that emphasize individual agency. This ability to move between structure and agency, culture and practice, offers researchers unique opportunities for understanding relationships among language, culture and power.