International Institute for Qualitative Methodology

Master Class Webinar Series

In these free, one-hour sessions, researchers will present their latest work, discuss key issues with you online, and exchange ideas and experiences with you. The colloquium is for all disciplines interested in qualitative research and for experts and novices alike. Each month a different qualitative voice will share and engage in discourse with attendees from all around the world. 

2018 Upcoming Webinars

David Silverman - The Quality of Interview Research
June 7, 2018 at 8:00am MDT (Canadian Mountain Time)
The Quality of Interview Research
Why is qualitative research so often based on interviews? Why is so much interview research of questionable quality? How can we improve its credibility? In this talk, I seek to explain the dominance of interview studies that seek to elicit respondents ‘experiences’ and ‘perceptions’. I show that this vocabulary is deeply problematic, assuming an over-rationalistic account of behaviour and a direct link between the language of people’s accounts and their past and present psychic states. Using a Constructionist approach, I develop these ideas by asking what sort of data are we trying to retrieve through interviews i.e. What do interviews reveal?  I go on to examine and discount the claimed intellectual auspices for most interview studies and the way in which interview data are usually analysed. I conclude by showing how the reliability of interview transcripts can be improved and the analysis of interview data made more robust.

Laura L. Ellingson - Embodiment in Qualitative Research

July 26, 2018 at 1:00pm MDT (Canadian Mountain Time)

Embodiment in Qualitative Research
Researchers begin with the body. 
Awareness of and an active engagement with issues of embodiment enhances our ability to produce high quality research and enlarges scholars’ capacity to spark positive social change. This webinar connects current trends in critical, interdisciplinary theorizing of embodiment with creative, practical strategies for doing embodied qualitative research. Qualitative researchers can move beyond resisting the mind-body split to infuse their research with the vitality that comes from embracing knowledge production as deeply embedded in sensory experience.

Kelly Guyotte - Confronting the Visual in Qualitative Inquiry

August 9, 2018 at 1:00pm MDT (Canadian Mountain Time)

Confronting the Visual in Qualitative Inquiry
We confront visual images just as they confront us in our everyday lives. Traditional approaches to qualitative data, analysis, and re/presentation have a tendency to prioritize the written—a transcription of verbal interviews into written text, using textual coding to analyze written documents, and the outcomes of such research taking the form of articles that conform to word counts. Further, even poststructural orientations have been critiqued for their logo-centric tendencies. What happens when we move beyond the confines of tradition? When we (also) turn to the visual to productively disrupt normalizing ways of knowing/thinking/doing? This presentation explores practices of visual confrontation and their implications for qualitative inquiry. Zigzagging through the ways in which the visual confronts, resists, inspires, maps, and communicates, I posit that attending to the visual, even alongside the written, offers possibilities in our inquiries for complex encounters with a constantly shifting socio-political and ethical landscape.