About Us

The Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation leads Canada in academic study and research dedicated to the art and science of human movement. From cell to society, we inspire meaningful inquiry into all aspects of physical activity, kinesiology, sport and recreation. Our rigorous interdisciplinary graduate and undergraduate degree programs concentrate on the development, advancement and dissemination of knowledge through research, teaching and community outreach. Our study of human movement from a multidisciplinary perspective significantly contributes to  the well being of people of all demographics, skill levels and abilities throughout their lifespan.

With an increased emphasis on the relationship between public health and physical activity, enhancing the understanding of human movement through recreation, exercise and sport science is vitally important to society. The Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation is the premier choice for advanced study in the art and science of human movement.

Convocation Tradition

Collegial and Interdisciplinary

With 43 faculty members on board, 16 athletic coaches, over 900 undergraduate and 140 graduate students, and more than 450 student-athletes, KSR offers a collegially diverse atmosphere, interdisciplinary research, outstanding teaching and educational opportunities. 

Faculty teaching and research interests touch on biomechanical, historical, neuromotor, pedagogical, philosophical, physiological, psychological, and sociocultural perspectives of human movement, physical activity, and exercise.

Diverse Opportunities for Students

Our Faculty is rich in experience, diverse in their research and integrated in their make-up. We interconnect scholarly endeavors in understanding human movement from a wide range of perspectives, and fostering diverse types of thinking.

Comprised of three distinct, yet integrated units; Academics, Athletics and Campus and Community Recreation, our faculty offer a unique academic opportunity for students to interweave their studies and research with unique applied and interdisciplinary opportunities, inside and outside the classroom