Master Course-Based Graduate Requirements Program Checklist

The below guidelines are to be followed for exams and convocation. Students must complete all steps before the graduate student convocation deadlines in order to convocate.

1. Appointment of Academic Advisor and Coach Mentor (if Applicable)

a. Form completed by KSR Graduate Program Administrator and placed in student's file held in the Graduate Programs Office

2. Graduate Student Ethics Training (GET) and Professional Development Requirement

a. For Ethics Training, register on Beartracks in INT D 710: Ethics and Academic Citizenship (both Master’s and Doctoral students) and INT D 720: Advanced Ethics and Academic Citizenship (for Doctoral students).

b. Ensure FGSR's Individual Development Plan & Professional Development Completion Form is on file with the Graduate Programs Office (mandatory for students admitted September 2016 and onwards)

3. Student to formulate Capping Exercise proposal (prior to registration)

a. Refer to KSR's Graduate Program Manual, 'Guidelines for Capping Exercises' for procedures.

4. Student to register in KSR 900 Directed Research Project

a. The Graduate Programs Administrator must be notified at least one week prior to the registration deadline of the term student is requesting enrolment of the course. Refer to the University Calendar for term registration deadlines.

5. Appointment of KSR 900 Directed Research Project (capping exercise) Reader

a. Refer to KSR's Graduate Program Manual, 'Guidelines for Capping Exercises' for procedures.

6. Final KSR 900 Directed Research Project (capping exercise) Approval (by the end of year six)

a. Complete the Notice of Completion of Capping Exercise form, Appendix of KSRs Graduate Program Manual.

7. Complete FGSR's Report of Completion of Course-Based Master's Degree form by the appropriate convocation deadline

Please refer to FGSR's Resources for Supervisors for additional information.

Note: All forms should be submitted to the Graduate Programs Office.