Tuition and Fees

Your Personal Fee Assessment

After you are admitted to the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation and enroll in courses, the Office of the Registrar will post your real-time personal fee assessment in Bear Tracks. Fall/Winter fee assessments are generally available online in late July; Spring/Summer fee assessments in early April.

Estimating Your Tuition & Fees

Your fees are made up of two parts: tuition, which is assessed per course, and non-instructional fees, which are assessed per term (semester).

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For most students new to the University of Alberta, a non-refundable tuition deposit is required in order to accept your offer of admission and confirm a spot in your program. Your spot in the program is not confirmed until we receive your payment.

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The total cost of tuition and fees varies from student to student, for example, if you receive advance/transfer credit for any of the courses in your program, or if you choose to opt out of any of the non-instructional fees.

To calculate tuition, every course at the University of Alberta has a fee index. This is represented by the (fi X) beside each course listing on Bear Tracks and in the University of Alberta Calendar. Most undergraduate courses have a fee index of six for a three-credit course or 12 for a six-credit course. The cost of a course is determined by multiplying the fee index of each course by the fee index value.

Cost, Tuition, and Fees 

International students are assessed an additional fee differential for each class taken.

International Tuition and Fees

Non-instructional fees provide a variety of privileges to University of Alberta students such as the U-Pass, student services, health and dental plans, Students' Union membership, etc. Students are able to opt out of certain fees if they so choose.

Payment Options

Financial Services provides information about payment options for application fees, tuition deposit and tuition.

Student Tuition Payment Options

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