Admissions FAQs

What high school courses do I need to apply?

Course requirements vary for each degree program and type of applicant.

Is Physics 30 required?

Physics 30 is a requirement for our Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology program, along with Chemistry 30, Mathematics 30-1, English 30-1 and one of either Biology 30 or Physical Education 30 (the five-credit version). This is a highly specialized degree with a large focus on the high-level science behind human movement. These requirements ensure you will be successful in this program.

What's the difference between a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology?

The Bachelor of Kinesiology program has a focus on both the art and science of human movement. You will look at the ways the human body moves through both a critical thinking and fact-based scientific lens. This program offers more flexibility when it comes to the admission subjects required from high school, and you can choose from four majors when you're in this program (Adapted Physical Activity, Physical Activity and Health, Sport Coaching Sport Performance). 

The Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology program focuses on the high level science of human movement and will contain classes that are offered in both KSR and the Faculty of Science to ensure there is a thorough and multi-disciplinary approach to this degree program. There are strict subject requirements for admission and there are no majors in this program as it is already highly specific.

How does the Bachelor of Kinesiology/Bachelor of Education combined program work?

You'll need to apply to this program through the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation as this is where you will spend the first three years of your program. Once you have completed those three years, we will help you transfer over to the Faculty of Education to finish off both the remaining courses they offer and the practicum placement that is required by the Alberta Teachers' Association.

In this program, you will pick from either the Elementary or Secondary program stream. If you pick Elementary, you will be specialized to teach grades 1-6 and have a Physical Education major with a generalist minor, which has you take courses that focus on childhood learning and development. If you pick the Secondary program stream you will be specialized to teach grades 7-12 , have Physical Education as your major and a subject-specific minor that you can choose from the available minors offered by the Faculty of Education.

What if my courses were taken in a different province?
Where do I apply and what is the application deadline?
  • Applications are submitted online through the Office of the Registrar.
  • Applications open on October 1 and close on March 1 for September admission (fall term intake only).

Undergraduate Admissions

I'd like to take a tour of the University. How do I do that?

High school students can explore life at the U of A through the Campus Visit Program arranged through the Office of the Registrar.

Where do I send my transcripts? Do I need to send my transcripts if I am a student at the U of A?

New Students

High school and transfer student transcripts are a required piece of your application to the U of A.

  • You can upload copies of your transcripts to your LaunchPad account once you submit your application.
  • If you are applying from a high school or postsecondary institution outside of the Apply Alberta system, you will need to arrange to have your final, official transcript(s) sent to the University of Alberta.
  • If you are a high school student in Alberta or at a post-secondary institution that is a part of the Apply Alberta system, we will request your final, official transcript(s) on your behalf.

Current Students

If you are currently a University of Alberta student and have already submitted your high school and potential postsecondary transcripts with your initial application, you will not need to resubmit these documents.

Transcripts and Documents
What credit would I receive if admitted to the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation from another faculty or institution?

Students who are offered admission to the Faculty of  Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation will receive a detailed transfer credit report at the time of admission.

What kind of job can I get with a degree from the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation?

The job opportunities available with a degree from our faculty are quite extensive with many different titles, however, the commonalities between careers are that they all involve working with people to improve their quality of life. Whether that means recreation programming and facility management, health promotion and advocacy, or world-leading research in one of our many labs, this is just the tip of the mountain for the careers that are obtainable with one of our degrees. Our programs can be used as a springboard to a graduate-level program within our faculty (Master of Arts, Master of Coaching, Master of Science and a PhD) or in a different faculty like Medicine, Law, or Physical, Occupational or Recreation Therapy.

What is unique about the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation?

Accessibility. The faculty is a small faculty in a large institution making access to the student services office easy, there are dedicated advisors to be there throughout your entire degree for whatever questions you have and our students always say it feels like a family here.

Our professors also make themselves available to students through their office hours or even just chatting between classes. Lastly, our researchers are always looking to involve undergraduate students in their research so if there is something cool happening in the research areas of KSR and students want to get involved, there is always space for them!

What program would you recommend if I want to go in medicine, physical therapy, or occupational therapy?

For students who intend on applying to medicine, physical therapy, or occupational therapy, there isn't a particular program that we would recommend over another. All of these programs have different admission requirements, however, they all state that the title of your undergraduate degree does not impact your admission to their programs. Instead, they focus on other factors that include your grade point average from your undergraduate degree. The grade point average requirements can be quite high for these programs, so we encourage students who are interested in them to pursue an undergraduate degree they are passionate about, because it's much easier to study for something you care about and your interest in the area will definitely reflect in your grade point average.

Do you offer any certificates in your programs?

We offer two undergraduate embedded certificates within the faculty.

The Certificate in Indigenous Sport and Recreation is offered in partnership with the Faculty of Native Studies. Students can choose to take this certificate within their degree program if they are interested in learning more about Indigenous culture and community while positioning sport and recreation as instruments for improving community health.

The Research Certificate in Kinesiology can be taken by BScKin and BKin students as part of their degree program. This certificate allows students to build their expertise in research through their undergraduate program and can be extremely helpful for students interested in graduate studies or undergraduate research opportunities.